Whats happening?

Clutch FM has been taken over!


Well... these things take funds to run. When those funds dry up things die :( This made me very sad... So I offered to take it over.

Whats changing?

Actually a lot! The plan is to turn Clutch FM in to a full blown radio station broadcasting Drum & Bass, Dubstep, etc... initially online then bringing DAB Digital Radio (UK) into the mix.


The online side of things should be up fairly quickly (a couple of weeks at the very most) the DAB side of things will be after Christmas.

Why so long?

Getting the royality agreements in place, the artists need to get paid... There is also a lot of work to do to get the multiplexer.

Cool! How can I keep update?

Follow us on Twitter @clutchFM or like us on Facebook here

Very cool! Can I help?

Well... yes! We would also really like to hear some of the stuff you guys are producing. Send us a email at music@clutch.fm and on the night that we go live we'll play our favorites!